RhymeNow for AndroidRhymeNow is now available for Android smart phones!
RhymeNow mobile rhyming dictionary is now available for Android-based smart phones.  With RhymeNow for Android you can:

  • Quickly find rhymes from a database of 55,000 English words
  • View rhymes organized by syllable count or word usage frequency
  • Look up words that begin with, end with, or contain a group of letters (e.g., all words that include “cat” anywhere in the word)
  • Find words that sound alike (e.g., words that sound similar to “cat”)

RhymeNow can help you:

  • Compose song lyrics
  • Create memorable poetry and polished prose
  • Write better raps
  • Craft ad copy that sells
  • Express your feelings with style

RhymeNow is designed for mobile phones running Android version 1.6 and higher, and does NOT require an Internet connection. The entire rhyming database is stored on your device so you do not need to be online to lookup words.

RhymeNow for Android QR CodeTo purchase RhymeNow for Android, scan the QR Code with your Android device, or view this page on your phone or tablet and click on the QR Code.

RhymeNow highlights words based on the frequency of their usage in the English language. More common words are more heavily highlighted, making them easier to spot.

Search for:

  • Perfect rhymes, organized by syllable count
  • Perfect rhymes, organized by word usage frequency
  • Words that sound similar to your word
  • Words that start with, contain, or end with a set of letters