My Foot Fell Asleep - Poems by Kenn NesbittGet ready to laugh as you discover the wonderfully zany poetry of Kenn Nesbitt! You’ll read about the world’s fastest bicycle and meanest pirate ever. You’ll meet a marching band of musical ants, and a dragon who can’t blow out his birthday candles. You’ll learn how not to play with your food, and why you can’t bring a camel to school. Children and adults alike will want to read these poems again and again.

Acclaimed children’s poet Kenn Nesbitt’s first book, My Foot Fell Asleep, is now available for the iPhone, completely reillustrated and with full audio.  You can not only read the poems, you can hear them read by the author.

  • Over 40 funny poems for kids by author Kenn Nesbitt, creator of, the world’s most popular children’s poetry website
  • Color illustrations on every page
  • Lively audio recordings of every poem, performed by the author
  • Table of Contents listing for quick access to any page
  • Bookmark poems as Favorites to easily select the pages you like best

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